PDR Service

PDR is a process used to remove dents, dings and creases from a vehicle’s body without compromising the factory paint. With the use of special lights and tools we are able to pinpoint every flaw in the metal and repair it. This brings the vehicle back up to the original value. PDR is often used to fix auto hail damage. Small dents such as door dings may also benefit from PDR.

Dent Direct LLC is located in Pantego, TX and provides PDR service to Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Cedar Hill and DeSoto, TX.

For more information on PDR, read our PDR FAQ below.

Will calling in a hail damage claim affect my insurance rates?

No! There are two different types of insurance claims, collision and comprehensive. A hail damage claim falls under the comprehensive category which your insurance company sees as something you could not prevent or avoid. They will not raise your rates.

How much will it cost me?

It will not cost you a dime! Dent Direct LLC works directly with your insurance claim. We waive your deductible so you do not have to pay it, and we also get you a free rental car!

What are the benefits of PDR?

PDR is the insurance approved method of repairing a vehicle that has been damaged by hail. It brings a car’s value back up to where it was before the storm. There is no bondo or paint involved, and the average repair is 2-3 days. It saves you money and is quicker than conventional repairs!

Will my dents come back?

Absolutely Not! Unlike dents repaired conventionally, once a dent is repaired using the PDR process, the dent will not come back. Conventionally repaired dents sometimes leave a low or high spot on a vehicles metal body and sanding or scratch marks.

What happens if Dent Direct LLC’s estimate is higher than my insurance company’s estimate?

Often times hail estimates get written much lower than the actual damage. If your adjuster’s estimate is lower than ours, we will contact them to come back out and re-look at your vehicle with us. The additional amount is called a supplement, and your insurance company will pay it. You will not be responsible for any additional amount.

We know getting your vehicle repaired can be a stressful situation. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.